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We Offer:
Pilot cars Nationwide. Give us your load and we can take it coast to coast.
Our drivers have a combined experience of over 100 years class A CDL over the road truck driving. Certified in all 48 states for coast to coast no hassle hauling.
Our veihicles are inspected on a weekly basis by DOT due the necessary steerable requirements, all vehicles have the necessary equipment for all 48 states.
Call Us @ 903-375-4261
Mission Statement:

To provide the Transportation Industry with         Professional on time Pilot Vehicles. Either in our vehicles or a contractors vehicle you can be assured the driver is certified and pre-screened to be able to handle your load. It is our mission to provide the best drivers and vehicles possible for any job large or small.

Pilot Cars Available Nationwide!
48 State Certified, Insured and Professional Pilot Cars.
Lead Cars, Chase Cars, High Poles and Route Surveys.
Night Moves and SUPER LOADS!

Call Us @ 903-375-4261

Call Us @ 903-375-4261

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Call Us @ 903-375-4261

Pilot car companies are an important part of the heavy trucking industry. These experienced driving professionals ensure that trucks that are transporting oversized and overweight equipment reach their destination safely and within the bounds of the various state transportation laws. Pilot cars are equipped with special items such as rotating lights, flags, signs and other support equipment that are used to assist the truck driver while driving on our nation's highways.

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